Scientific Investigations & Technology

Scientific Investigations & Technology

There are two Scientific Investigations currently planned for the European MSL 

1. Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing 1 & 3.(CETSOL-1/-3)

  • The objective of this experiment is to deepen the quantitative understanding of the physical principles that govern microstructure formation with particular attention to the columnar-to-equiaxed transition (CET) in technically relevant cast alloys by directional solidification experiments.
  • This research is crucial to obtain scientific samples (solidified alloys) for post-mortem analysis to validate the predictions of theories and numerical codes.

2. Microstructure Formation in Casting of Technical Alloys under Diffusive and Magnetically Controlled Convective Conditions (MICAST-1)

  • The MICAST objective is to obtain a quantitative understanding of the influence of pure diffusive and controlled convective conditions on AlSi and AlSiFe cast alloys on the microstructure evolution during casting processes (directional solidifcation), and use the experimental results along with advaced models to identify and control experimentally the fluid-flow patterns that affect microstructure evolution during casting processes, and to develop analytical and advanced numerical models.